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This is the homepage of Tero Mäyränen, programming specialist by day, retro computer artist by night!

I had a nice 20 year break from Amiga programming. It was a headscratching experience to go back to 68K assembler, but slowly it came back. This is the result from Revision 2015:

This is my Commodore 64 version of Panu Aaltio's RGB Express In-Game soundtrack (2014):

And here is an 4-channel Amiga Protracker Module from 2013 made entirely with ST-01 -samples:

My latest Commodore 64 EP release, Soudatinjauhatus (2011):

You can also download a better quality version.

From 2002, this is my remix and Commodore 64 intro for Anthony Rother's Little Computer People:

My Commodore 64 remix of Paleface's Back to Square One (2001):